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Nov 13, Dec 18
(NOTE: The Christmas Party will take place one week later than usual this year.)
Generally, the second Monday of each month. For more information, see the Meetings page.

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On Sept. 14, two Red-necked Phalaropes were seen by Allen Larner at the pond across the road on the north side of the Target Distribution Center in Stuarts Draft.

Last bird alert:

14 Sep 2017

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Augusta Bird Club members may submit rare bird sightings by using the Update page. For further information, or to report any unusual sightings, please contact the rare bird alert coordinator, Allen Larner.

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Birds of Augusta County book cover

Birds of Augusta County, edited by YuLee Larner. We still have copies available for a small donation; if interested, please contact Dan Perkuchin. They may also be found at local public libraries and school libraries.

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Last news update: 16 Nov 2017

Program for December 18* meeting:
Annual Christmas party,
plus Augusta County Christmas Bird Count tabulation
*(NOTE: One week later than usual!)
Our next "Birds & Brews, Wings & Wine" social hour will be: TBA
Thursday, October 26 at the Yelping Dog, downtown Staunton, starting at 6:00 PM; please RSVP to Peter Van Acker. Stable Craft Brewery, 375 Madrid Rd, Waynesboro, VA 22980

Field trip to Bell's Lane

On Thursday November 16, seven members of the Augusta Bird Club conducted a fun and rewarding field trip to Bell's Lane, on the northeast edge of Staunton. On the farm pond by the south end we saw several Ruddy Ducks, Ring-necked Ducks, American Coots, and Pied-billed Grebes. From there we walked all the way to the high point of Bell's Lane, from whence we saw Greater Yellowlegs, Dunlins, Green-winged Teals, Hooded Mergansers, Gadwalls, and Northern Shovelers. We also had nice views of Red-tailed Hawks, and a Northern Harrier was seen in the distance. Other highlights included Hairy and Downy Woodpeckers, Northern Flickers, Eastern Bluebirds, Robins, and Golden-crowned Kinglets.

by Andrew Clem

Montage 16 Nov 2017

CLOCKWISE FROM TOP LEFT: Red-tailed Hawk, Northern Harrier, Hairy Woodpecker (M), Ring-necked Ducks (M & F), Ruddy Ducks, American Coot, and in center, Eastern Bluebird (M) and Northern Cardinal (F). (November 16)

Joe, Ann, Peter, Dan

Joe Thompson, Ann Cline, Peter Van Acker, and Dan Perkuchin. (November 16)

Stan, Allen, Ann, Joe, Peter, Dan

Stan Heatwole, Allen Larner, Ann Cline, Joe Thompson, Peter Van Acker, and Dan Perkuchin. (November 16)

November meeting, first annual Arts and Crafts Sale

Prior to the November meeting, the Augusta Bird Club held its first annual Members Arts and Crafts Sale, starting at 6:00 PM. It was a big success, helping fund Club activities. For the program, Bob Schamerhorn gave a presentation on "Birds of Prey," with dozens of high-quality photographs and video clips of hawks, eagles, falcons, owls, and vultures.

Stan, Allen, Ann, Joe, Peter, Dan
Stan, Allen, Ann, Joe, Peter, Dan

ABC craft sale at the November 13 meeting.

Stan, Allen, Ann, Joe, Peter, Dan

Nancy and Ed Lawler enjoyed a good laugh at the November 13 meeting, which was filled to capacity.

Stan, Allen, Ann, Joe, Peter, Dan

Bob Schamerhorn, giving his "Birds of Prey" presentation at the November 13 meeting.


Thanks to all who picked up their bird seed Saturday October 21st. Thanks to Linda for arranging for our facility and those who helped load the cars/trucks for the pick-up. Thanks especially to Crista who did the major task in setting up the order blanks and the ordering system. Thanks also to Lisa who collected the money and will pay the taxes on our income. We did order some extra just in case any orders came up short and so we have extra for sale. I have 4-20# bags of Augusta Mix and 2-25 # bags of Black Oil Sunflower. In addition I have Woodpecker, Hi-energy, and Peanut Butter suet. The only birdfeeders I have are the small Standard. As for Nyjer seed I have 10# bags. There are some leftover seeds from last year that we will sell at cost and those are 10# and 20# Nyjer, a 20# Safflower and a 20# Sunflower chip. If you are interested in purchasing any of these seeds call me at 337-0471 or 448-5393 and I will bring them to the next meeting. Thanks again for ordering and a special shout out to the students who helped us on pick up day.

Grant Simmons, 337-0471 or 448-5393

Bird seed pickup day

The weather could not have been nicer on the day when folks picked up their bags of bird seed at the Augusta County Government Center in Verona on October 21. Thanks to all those who made this year's sale a big success, once again.

Bird seed pickup 1
Bird seed pickup 2
Bird seed pickup 3
Bird seed pickup 4

Bird seed pickup day in Verona, October 21st: Grant Simmons, Gary Lancaster, Crista Cabe, Allen Larner, Lisa Hamilton, Michael Reynard, Linda Matkins, Larry and Jane Litke, and several Nature Campers were among those who helped out.

McCormick's Farm field trip

On Wednesday, October 18, nine members of the Augusta Bird Club conducted a field trip to McCormick's Farm in Raphine, Va. We enjoyed a cool, crisp morning with lots of sunshine. Most interesting were trees filled with migrating Yellow- rumped Warblers. It was exciting to welcome back the Yellow-bellied Sapsucker and the White-throated Sparrows, along with the Ruby-crowned Kinglets. 37 species were recorded altogether.

by Jo King


Jo King, Liz Reed, Stephan Pietrowski, Tom Trykowski, Elaine Carwile, and Diane Holsinger, at McCormick's Farm on October 18.

NOTE: Diane Holsinger was misidentified in the caption of the photo above that appeared in the original version of the ABC Bulletin that was sent out to members. The Editor sincerely regrets the error. Ms. Holsinger's name has been corrected in the updated version of the Bulletin, the link to which is found below. near the bottom of the home page.

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